Kibor’s Youngest Widow Appeals to Court Following Alleged Matrimonial Home Eviction

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The fourth widow of the late prominent Eldoret tycoon Jackson Kibor has taken legal action at the High Court in Eldoret seeking protection against Kibor’s other children.

Eunita Kibor claims that she and her four children have been forcibly removed from her matrimonial home and now face threats of eviction from the 300-acre Mafuta farm bestowed upon her by Kibor before his demise.

The prominent farmer left behind a substantial estate valued at over Kes.16 billion, sparking a succession dispute among his 3 surviving widows and 29 children, which revolves around more than 6,000 acres in Uasin Gishu.

In an urgent application, Eunita and her children state that Kibor’s other offspring have united to intimidate them, aiming to deprive them of their rightful inheritance. They allege that Kibor’s step-children are violating a standing court order prohibiting any interference with the estate.

Eunita accuses her step-children of disregarding court orders by tampering with three estate land parcels and also alleges mistreatment and abuse, claiming that just three months after Mzee Kibor’s burial, her step-children forcibly ejected her and her children from their Kabenes matrimonial home.

“After Kibor’s death, my children have had their fundamental rights and freedom grossly violated, infringed and threatened,” Eunita submitted.

Eunita and her children presented themselves before High Court Judge Reuben Nyakundi. She expressed concern that her eldest son had to interrupt his studies abroad and return home out of fear for their safety.

Eunita Kibor and her son Reuben leave the High Court in Eldoret where they filed an application seeking protection
Image: The Star
Incidents of Violence and Torture

Eunita, aged 45, recounted incidents of violence, torture, and mistreatment at the hands of the respondents or individuals acting on their behalf.

She further alleges that the respondents threatened her and froze bank accounts designated for her children’s upkeep, causing hardship in meeting their basic needs.

Represented by Kalya and Company advocates, Eunita contends that Kibor supported her and their four children through revenue from rental properties in Eldoret, farming activities on the 143-hectare Mafuta farm, and other estimated 1,600 acres of land in Kabenes.

She seeks a review of the preservation orders issued in November 2022 to delineate the land each household occupies, aiming to safeguard herself and her children.

Additionally, Eunita requests restraining orders against the eight respondents and any extended family members to prevent trespassing or interference with their properties and rental units left by Kibor.

However, all accused parties have submitted their responses, accusing Eunita of estate meddling and disobeying court directives.

Justice Nyakundi extended the orders preserving the estate until the resolution of the succession dispute and scheduled Eunita’s application to be heard on May 20, 2024.

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