Kimende Landslide: Resident Narrates Warning Signs Before Tragedy

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A resident from Kimende, Kiambu County on Wednesday, May 15 shed light on prior efforts to prevent the landslide hours before it occurred.

While speaking to the press, the resident revealed that the locals had seen signs of a looming landslide at around 4.30 pm and took action to prevent damage.

The locals contacted a tractor operator who was instructed to lift off some of the sand that had accumulated. After this precautionary measure, the locals assumed that the impending danger had been neutralised.

“It began at around 4.30 pm, There was a slight landslide and we called for help. After the tractors left we thought we were safe,” the resident told the press.

Rescue operations ongoing at Kimende, Kiambu County after a landslide on May 15, 2024


Kimani Wamatangi

Hours later, they were woken up by the noise from the landslide and screams from affected residents. The resident noted that the landslide affected over an acre of land.

He lauded the County Government for the prompt response to rescue the residents and also evacuate those in danger.

According to the resident, this was the result of negligence by the National Government because of the delay in constructing the road affected by the landslide. He called upon President William Ruto to ensure the project was completed.

“We would not have lost our neighbours if this road was completed. We ask the government to complete projects that were started earlier, such as this which began in 2020,” he added.

So far at least three people are reported trapped with rescue efforts ongoing to save their lives.

It also yet to be established the number of people who lost their lives after the landslide which has left them in a dilemma. The area has been cordoned off and motorists asked to seek alternative routes.

The Kenya Red Cross, the Kenya Defence Forces and the Kiambu County Government are overseeing rescue operations to ensure everyone is accounted for.

“The area has been cordoned off and declared a danger zone. Although no fatalities have been confirmed, several people remain unaccounted for,” Kenya Red Cross informed the public.

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi at Kimende after a landslide on May 15, 2024


Kimani Wamatangi

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