King Kaka Responds To Break-Up Rumours With His Wife Nana Owiti (Video)

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Celebrated Kenyan musician King Kaka has recently been on the spotlight after he reportedly parted ways with his long-term wife Nana Owiti.

The reports come during King Kaka’s upcoming project ‘Monkey Business’- a movie series which is set to premier this month.

The latter has led to netizens believing that King Kaka might be staging a clout chasing stunt to push the project.

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King Kaka’s response

Both King Kaka and Nana have eschewed response on the exact reason for their break-up, not forgetting if they’ve indeed seperated.

This is not the first time Ms Nana owiti has packed her bags, leaving King Kaka alone.

About 10 years ago Nana Owiti was said to have dumped King Kaka after he had an affair with singer Sage Chemutai.

The result of the infidelity led to the birth of a baby girl.

They seemed to have sorted the issue out and decided to continue with their relationship. But things have now taken a new twist.

With the matter heating up, King Kaka shared a video on his social media, where he urged netizens to keep off his family, adding that he would never clout chase with family.

Watch King Kaka’s full clip below; don’t forget to subscribe.

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