KRG’s Wife Set To Feature In New Reality Show

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Get ready for a peek behind the curtain! Singer KRG the Don is bringing his life to the screen with a brand new reality show on Showmax.

In a recent interview, KRG promised fans a front-row seat to his glamorous world, offering a glimpse into aspects of his life rarely seen by the public. While the show’s official title is still in the works, filming is underway with a few episodes left to shoot.

The show is expected to delve into KRG’s luxurious lifestyle, his business ventures, and his undeniable talent. But KRG assures viewers it won’t just be about him. The reality series will also feature other successful figures from the worlds of film, social media, and business.

“It’s not just about singing artists,” KRG clarified. “We’ll be showcasing the lives of people in movies, social media, and business ventures. We’ll see their homes, offices, and the daily grind behind their success – all with a touch of family and dating life thrown in.”

However, don’t expect to see KRG’s wife on screen. He explained that she prefers a private life away from the spotlight. “She’s a businesswoman who shys away from fame,” KRG shared.

This exciting new addition is sure to boost Showmax’s content library, attracting new viewers and keeping existing ones glued to their screens.

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