Kwale County Won’t Ban Muguka — Governor Fatuma Achani


Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani on Tuesday vowed that Kwale County will not initiate a ban on muguka but emphasised that the county will put in place proper regulations for its use.

Achani’s remarks came a few days after counties like Kilifi and Mombasa imposed bans on muguka, citing that the substance caused more harm than good.

“As the leadership of this county, we join the rest in fighting the misuse of muguka. Of course, we will not ban the use of muguka because of legal issues. However, we are also following the stipulated legalities to ensure that the use of muguka is regulated,” she commented.

Similarly, she went ahead to reiterate that Kwale County residents should be wary of the health effects that come with consuming muguka.

“I urge everyone, including those consuming muguka, hard drugs and alcohol that it’s everyone’s personal initiative to take good care of their health,” she added. 

A person holding several bunches of miraa.


Achani also mentioned that Kwale County had finalised the Kwale County Finance Bill, 2024 public participation, and that after the bill is passed, Kwale County will implement the piece of legislation as per the wishes of her constituents. 

During the public participation phase, the residents of Mwereni, Mwavumbo, Tsimba Golini and Kubo South proposed new rates for muguka.

The residents demanded that the charges on muguka be increased from Ksh10,000 to Ksh100,000 per vehicle entering Kwale County as a means to enforce regulation.

Elsewhere, muslim clerics from Garissa County also called on the Northern Kenya governors to follow suit and ensure that the substance gets banned in their counties too.

The issue of the muguka ban made Embu leaders hot under the collar, with the residents of Embu, led by their Governor Cecily Mbarire, swearing to challenge the matter in court.

After a meeting with President Ruto on Monday, May 27, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi declared the bans effected by the 3 counties “null and void.”

“I joined President William Ruto at State House for a consultative meeting with leaders from Embu County, led by Governor Cecily Mbarire, over the muguka ban by selected counties. I informed the meeting that the purported ban is null and void,” he stated.

President William Ruto with leaders from Embu County during a consultative meeting in State House, Nairobi, on Monday, May 27.

Mithika Linturi


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