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List Of Jambojet Destinations And Charges

Jambojet, Kenya’s pioneering low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, has made air travel accessible and affordable for many Kenyans. Operating from the bustling Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Jambojet promises quality service and strict adherence to international safety standards.

Jambojet’s Commitment to Quality and Safety

Jambojet stands out not just for its affordable fares but also for its unwavering commitment to quality and safety. The airline ensures that passengers enjoy a comfortable and safe flying experience without breaking the bank.

Popular Jambojet Destinations

Let’s dive into some of the popular destinations offered by Jambojet.

Nairobi to Mombasa

Fare charges: From Kshs 3,700 (One way)

Mombasa, with its pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage, is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. With Jambojet’s affordable fare of just Kshs 3,700 one way, you can now explore this coastal paradise without burning a hole in your pocket.

Nairobi to Kisumu

Fare charges: From Kshs 3,700 (One way)

Kisumu, the vibrant port city on the shores of Lake Victoria, is another gem in Jambojet’s destination list. With fares starting from Kshs 3,700 one way, it’s an ideal destination for those looking to experience the beauty of Kenya’s western region.

Nairobi to Eldoret

Fare charges: From Kshs 4,200 (One way)

Eldoret, known for its athletic prowess and scenic landscapes, is a must-visit destination. Jambojet offers fares from Kshs 4,200 one way, making it an affordable option for travelers.

Nairobi to Malindi

Fare charges: From Kshs 5,700 (One way)

Malindi, with its stunning beaches and vibrant marine life, is a paradise for beach lovers. Jambojet offers fares from Kshs 5,700 one way, allowing you to soak in the sun and enjoy the coastal beauty.

Nairobi to Ukunda

Fare charges: From Kshs 4,200

Ukunda, located near Diani Beach, is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers. With Jambojet’s fare of Kshs 4,200, it’s an affordable getaway for those seeking sun, sea, and sand.

Jambojet Fare Charges

Jambojet offers competitive fares for its destinations to ensure that traveling remains affordable for everyone.

Fare Charges for Destinations

  • Nairobi to Mombasa: From Kshs 3,700 (One way)
  • Nairobi to Kisumu: From Kshs 3,700 (One way)
  • Nairobi to Eldoret: From Kshs 4,200 (One way)
  • Nairobi to Malindi: From Kshs 5,700 (One way)
  • Nairobi to Ukunda: From Kshs 4,200

Additional Services and Charges

Apart from affordable fares, Jambojet offers a range of additional services to enhance your flying experience.

Baggage Fees

  • Upto 23 Kgs of checked/prepaid baggage: Kshs 750
  • 24- 32 Kgs of checked/prepaid baggage: Kshs 2000
  • Excess baggage rate at the airport: Kshs 400

Seat Selection Charges

  • Seat selection (standard seat): Kshs 410
  • Seat selection (aisle/window): Kshs 410
  • Seat selection (extra leg room): Kshs 580

Special Equipment Fees

  • Diving equipment: Kshs 2300
  • Large fishing equipment: Kshs 5800
  • Fishing equipment: Kshs 2300
  • Golf equipment: Kshs 2300
  • Surfing equipment: Kshs 2300
  • Bicycle: Kshs 2300

Other Additional Service Fees

  • Infant fees: 10% of published adult fare
  • Meet and assist fee: Kshs 2000
  • Name change fee: Kshs 2090
  • Date change fee: Kshs 1970
  • Service charge (call centre/sales office): Kshs 700
  • Price lock: Kshs 500

Jambojet Sales and Ticketing Offices

For your convenience, Jambojet has several sales and ticketing offices across Kenya and even in Uganda.

Locations in Kenya

  • Eldoret Office: Rupa’s Mall, Ground floor
  • Kisumu Office: The West End Shopping Mall
  • Malindi Office: Nakumatt Building, Lamu Road
  • Mombasa Offices: Nakumatt Nyali, Electricity House (Ground floor)
  • Nairobi Offices: Barclays Plaza, 7th Floor; Yaya Centre, Ground Floor; Sarit Centre, Ground Floor; JKIA Terminal 1 D
  • Ukunda Office: Costa Sur, Ground Floor

International Office Locations

  • Kampala Office: Jubilee Insurance Building, Parliament Avenue, Ground floor

Contacting Jambojet

For any inquiries or bookings, you can easily reach out to Jambojet through the following contact details:


Jambojet, with its affordable fares and commitment to quality and safety, has revolutionized air travel in Kenya. Whether you’re planning a business trip or a leisurely vacation, Jambojet offers a range of destinations and services to suit your needs.


  1. How can I book a flight with Jambojet?
    • You can book a flight with Jambojet online through their website or by contacting their reservations team.
  2. What is the baggage allowance for Jambojet flights?
    • The baggage allowance varies based on the fare and route. Please check the Jambojet website for specific details.
  3. Can I select my seat on a Jambojet flight?
    • Yes, Jambojet offers seat selection options at an additional cost.
  4. What additional services does Jambojet offer?
    • Jambojet offers additional services such as extra luggage allocation, special assistance, and special equipment handling.
  5. How can I contact Jambojet for inquiries and support?
    • You can contact Jambojet through phone, email, or visit their ticketing offices.

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