Machogu Speaks on Extended School Term, New Twists in Rita Waeni Murder

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Hello and welcome to the Friday edition of the Evening Brief Newsletter where it is matters of education, trees and murder.

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How Term Extension Will Be Done 

As the country prepares for the reopening of learning institutions on Monday, May 13, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has revealed how schools will recover the two weeks lost during the floods.

According to Machogu, the government will consider extending Term Two by some days, especially for those in Form Four.

The CS noted that the extension will allow teachers and students to fully cover the syllabus ahead of the Third Term when the candidates will be sitting for the national examinations.

Education Cabinet Secretary, Ezekiel Machogu speaking to journalists on May 9, 2024 in Karen


Ministry of Education

“It has been two weeks (extended closure of schools). We will look at it, particularly for those who are in From Four and see how we can be able to recover by extending the term for a few days. 

“Students were expected to close for the August holiday for three weeks, therefore, we might minimise the number of days in which schools will be closed,” he stated.

Initially, students were to resume learning on April 29, 2024. However, because of the intensified rains, the CS postponed the opening dates by one week.

However, owing to the flooding situation, President William Ruto extended the closure of schools indefinitely. This was later reviewed owing to the advisories and projections of the Kenya Meteorological Department.

Below is the school calendar for the 2nd Term;

  • May 13: Nationwide re-opening of schools after an extended closure.
  • June 20: Schools take a half-term break for four days.
  • August 5: Schools close for the August holidays (the dates are expected to be changed as per Machogu’s revelations).
  • August 23: Schools reopen for Term Three.

Ruto’s Order to His Cabinet

On the other hand, President William Ruto on Friday, May 10 directed his cabinet to undertake tree planting exercises for the next six months.

Ruto, who was in Murang’a County for the nationwide tree-growing programme, noted that the directive would take effect on Monday, May 13.

He stated that the plan would help the government achieve the 15 Billion tree ambitions whose target year is 2032.

“We are not just planting trees today, from Monday, this exercise will continue ministry by ministry daily. For the next six months, every ministry will be in charge for a day for planting trees,” he directed.

President William Ruto, First Lady Rachel Ruto and a kid undertaking tree planting in Murang’a County on May 10, 2024.


Guess Who?

Can you guess who said these words?

“I’m one of those who pray that Raila does not get the AU job.”

To find the correct answer, simply scroll down as you read this newsletter.

Rita Waeni’s Family Speak

As the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) continue with investigations into the murder of Rita Waeni, her mother has come out to speak on the incident which shocked the nation to the core.

Speaking during an investigative piece titled Crime Untold on TV47, Waeni’s mother revealed that she knew the name of the suspect who is believed to have killed her daughter.

According to the mother of the 20-year-old Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student, the suspect second name was Maina.

She added that Waeni met the suspect in 2023 and had been communicating through her Instagram account. Waeni’s mother added that her daughter even promised to introduce the mysterious man to her when the time was right.

On the fateful day that the JKUAT student was killed, the mother detailed that Waeni informed her that she was going out to meet a friend.

A collage of the main suspect in the murder of Rita Waeni (left) and the deceased Rita Waeni (right)

“We talked and she told me that she was meeting with her friend who was leaving the country and they were to have an early dinner and after that, we never talked again,” the mother stated

Waeni’s mother noted that her daughter had met the man on three occasions with the last meeting being the day she was murdered.

Latest DCI updates on the case: DCI released photos of the wanted suspect on April 24 with Kenyans asked to help identify the suspect.

“Although his identity remains unknown, it has been established that he first initiated communication with the late Waeni on October 2, 2023, through an Instagram account in the name of Maina (pseudo), a name that was later changed several times and finally pulled down immediately after the heinous murder.

“The suspect is believed to have visited several hotels in Nairobi West in October 2023 and the Green House Airbnb located in Roysambu along TRM Drive on Nov 7 and Nov 11, 2023. He is also believed to have a criminal mind evidenced by his way of evading CCTV cameras. He is fluent in Swahili and English and has knowledge of Nairobi and its environs,” the DCI stated.

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The answer is William Kabogo. Kabogo made the remarks on Monday in response to a tweet speculating Raila’s likelihood of missing out on the AUC Chairmanship job.

This newsletter was written by Washington Mito and edited by Brian Muuo.

Derrick Kubasu contributed to the content.

Graphics prepared by Adongo Kyalo and Ronnie Mbugua.


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