Manzi Wa Kibera and Oga Obinna argue over comments she made regarding Dem Wa Facebook.

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During a recent interview on his YouTube channel, content creator Oga Obinna found himself engaged in a heated exchange with Manzi Wa Kibera, which eventually led to her abrupt departure.


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The tension arose when Manzi Wa Kibera made remarks about Dem Wa Facebook, a co-host on Obinna’s show, referring to her as a socialite. Obinna promptly corrected her, emphasizing that Dem Wa Facebook is a comedian, not a socialite.

However, the situation escalated when Manzi Wa Kibera commented on Dem Wa Facebook’s fashion choices, suggesting that she had upgraded her style but also criticizing her flashy appearance.


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Obinna chose to shift the conversation, which seemed to irk Manzi Wa Kibera. She accused Obinna of trying to dismiss her from the interview and expressed her frustration, leading to further verbal sparring between them.

In response to Manzi Wa Kibera’s continued criticism, Obinna called her ‘delusional,’ prompting her to abruptly leave the set, expressing displeasure at being labeled as such.

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