Mother & Her 3 Kids Sleep Outside After Caretaker Locks Nairobi Apartment

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A distraught 22-year-old mother could not believe her eyes after she arrived at her apartment in Githurai, Nairobi only to find that the caretaker had locked the house due to rent arrears.

For three days, Mercy Wangui had to spend outside in the cold, braving the harsh weather and cold environment while appealing to nearby residents to assist her with coins to buy food for her children.

Her plight was shared by philanthropist Derrick Mbugua, who received a call about Wangui’s situation on Thursday at around 11:00 pm.

Moments later, Mbugua and his team arrived and found Wangui and her children outside as she tried to cover them with a leso to shield them from the cold.

An aerial view of Githurai town along Thika Road.


After a brief conversation, the mother of three shared her plight, highlighting her trials which began at an early age.

“The lady says her name is Mercy Wangui she is 22 years old with three children one is 10 years old. She got the child at 13 years and the case was reported to the police station but the families got to an agreement that the man behind the pregnancy should marry her,” read part of the story shared on Mbugua’s social platform.

“Years down the line, she now has three kids with no father to take care of them as he left.”

The philanthropist and his team went to the apartment and sought to converse with the landlord to find an amicable solution.

“Kindly, let us have reason and allow the mother to access her belongings since she has revealed that she desires to go to her rural home. She can clean her babies, and they wear clean clothes. I will provide the fare for her to go home,” Mbugua remarked.

“Tell her to stop saying lies,” the landlord stated.

“We are guests here and don’t know how you relate with each other. I don’t see how all of these people can have hatred towards her. According to her account, she could not pay rent for those months until she became a burden. It has reached a point that you had enough,” Mbugua retorted.

Moments later, the landlord ceded to the request and unlocked the apartment door for Wangui to access her belongings.

Upon unlocking, they found the house was leaking and most of her clothes were soaked. 

Wangui picked up what she could salvage including some of the children’s clothes and documents and followed Mbugua and his team who booked a matatu for her to travel to Mukurwe-ini to live with her grandmother.

A man stranded in the flooded Nairobi River.



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