Nairobi Central, Kiganjo Police Stations to Sell Unclaimed Cars and Motorbikes

The government has announced plans to auction vehicles and motorcycles lying at Nairobi Central and Kiganjo police stations if their owners fail to collect them.

In a Gazette Noticed dated Friday, May 10, the two police stations issued a 30-day ultimatum for this to be done.

The stations appointed auctioneers, Windsor House Auctioneers representing Nairobi Central Police Station and Astorion Auctioneers for Kiganjo Police Station, to oversee the auction processes.

“Notice is issued pursuant to the provisions of the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act (Cap. 38) of the laws of Kenya and following authorities and order under the miscellaneous application case No. E1597 of 2024 in the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Milimani to the owners of motor vehicles and motorcycles which are lying idle and unclaimed within Central Police Station, to collect the said motor vehicles and motorcycles at the said police station,” read the notice in part.

Cars for auction at the Port of Mombasa



“Failure to which Windsor House Auctioneers shall sell by way of public auction on expiry of a thirty (30) days notice from the date of this publication.”

At Nairobi Central, there are four vehicles and 10 motorcycles while Kiganjo has eight motorcycles and an unspecified number of scrap metals.

“Notice is issued pursuant to the provisions of the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act (Cap. 38) of the laws of Kenya and following an authority and order under Miscellaneous Application No E112/2023 by the Chief Magistrate Court at Nyeri Law Courts to the owners of motorcycles and scrap metal which are laying idle and unclaimed within Kiganjo Police Station, to collect the said motorcycles and scrap metal at the said station within thirty (30) days from the date of this publication of this notice,” a separate notice from Kiganjo Police Station read in part.

“Failure to which Astorion Auctioneers, Nairobi shall proceed to dispose of the said motorcycles, and scrap metal by way of public auction on behalf of Kiganjo Police Station if they remain uncollected/unclaimed”

In March 2023, the Nairobi Central Police Station also auctioned a number of vehicles and motorbikes that had been impounded and lay idle on its grounds.

At the time, there were a total of 70 uncollected vehicles and motorcycles lying in the station’s yard.

Other stations that have seen similar auctions include Kayole Police Station as well as Embu and Kandara police stations.

During the auctions, Kenyans are urged to be cautious while buying second-hand cars. They are advised to be accompanied by a car expert to check the state of the vehicle.

A signpost of Kiganjo Police Station.



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