Nakuru Couple Narrates Fleeing Kenya to Canada After 2022 Elections

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Almost two years after the 2022 General Election, John Mochama is dealing with the outcomes that changed his life entirely.

John Mochama, a teacher is the husband of Silver medalist Philes Ongori. The two were forced to flee the country and seek refuge in Canada.

During an interview with the St Catharines Standard, a Canadian media outlet, Mochama revealed that he had vied for the London Ward, Nakuru County MCA seat but was threatened.

“When my wife was training she was confronted by thugs who wanted to kill her and warned her of my political ambitions. They told her that I should not compete in any other coming elections,” he stated.

Athlete Philes Ongori (left) and her husband John Mochama (right) in Canada


St. Catharines Standard

Mochama claimed that this indicated their lives were in danger forcing them to leave the country.

However, they could not travel with their children and they had to leave them with other family members in the country.

Currently, the couple lives in a hotel in Niagara Falls and are hoping to reunite with their children in Canada. The teacher emphasised that they were getting all they needed at the hotel.

Mochama and Ongori have been well accepted by the locals who have offered them the opportunity to start their lives afresh, pursuing their different career paths.

The former MCA aspirant who worked as a university professor in Kenya is on his way to becoming a teacher in Canada.

Ongiri on the other hand, is still participating in running competitions and recently won the annual Toronto Marathon. The athlete added that she is looking forward to competing for Canada.

“I love my talent. I came here so that I do more. I want to compete for Canada,” she reiterated.

As the couple waits for permanent residency in Canada it is worth noting that the two were not the only ones affected by the elections.

Recently, another aspirant was arrested and sentenced to jail for threatening a competitor after the General Election.

Former IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati (centre) receives the first batch of ballot papers at JKIA on July 7, 2022.



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