Twende Mbele to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 Thanks to Visa

NCBA Exclusive Rights for the Paris Olympics Games 2024 – Tickets

The NCBA Bank has achieved a significant milestone by securing exclusive rights as the only bank in Kenya to promote the Paris Olympics Games 2024. In partnership with Visa, this campaign aims to drive awareness and utilization of NCBA Visa Cards through an enticing offer. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this exclusive partnership, the campaign mechanics, and the fantastic prizes up for grabs.

NCBA and the Paris Olympics 2024

Background of NCBA Bank

NCBA Bank, a leading financial institution in Kenya, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing exceptional banking services and innovative financial solutions. With a robust presence in the region, NCBA has become synonymous with reliability and excellence in the banking sector.

Overview of the Paris Olympics 2024

The Paris Olympics 2024 is set to be a grand event, attracting sports enthusiasts from around the world. With a rich history of hosting international sporting events, Paris promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The games will feature a wide range of sports, showcasing the world’s best athletes competing at the highest level.

Exclusive Rights and Partnership with Visa

Details of the Exclusive Rights

NCBA’s exclusive rights as the only bank in Kenya to promote the Paris Olympics 2024 is a remarkable achievement. This exclusivity allows NCBA to offer unique opportunities to its customers, enhancing their banking experience while promoting the global event.

Importance of the Partnership with Visa

The partnership with Visa plays a crucial role in this campaign. Visa, a globally recognized payment technology company, brings its expertise and extensive network to the table. This collaboration ensures that NCBA customers have access to seamless and secure payment solutions, making their transactions more convenient and rewarding.

Campaign Overview

Description of the Campaign

The campaign, “Swipe for an Ultimate Dream Trip to the Olympic Games Paris 2024,” is designed to encourage NCBA Visa cardholders to actively use their cards for payments. By doing so, they stand a chance to win a fully paid trip to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Objectives of the Campaign

The primary objectives of this campaign are to drive awareness and utilization of NCBA Visa cards, enhance customer engagement, and reward loyal customers with an unparalleled experience at the Paris Olympics.

How to Participate

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in this exciting campaign, you need to be an NCBA Visa cardholder. The promotion is open to all NCBA Visa cardholders except for NCBA staff and their immediate families, business debit and credit cardholders, and prepaid cardholders.

Steps to Participate

  1. Use Your NCBA Visa Card: Make a payment of at least Kes. 3,000 or equivalent in foreign currency at any point of sale or online, both locally and internationally.
  2. Earn Entries: Each qualifying transaction earns you one entry into the draw.
  3. Accumulate Entries: The more you use your card, the more entries you accumulate, increasing your chances of winning.

Transaction Requirements

Minimum Transaction Amount

To qualify for an entry, each transaction must be a minimum of Kes. 3,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency. This threshold ensures that participants are actively using their NCBA Visa cards for significant transactions.

Types of Eligible Transactions

Eligible transactions include payments made at points of sale or online, both locally and internationally. This includes purchases at retail stores, dining establishments, travel bookings, and more.

Entry Mechanics

How Entries are Accumulated

Entries are accumulated based on the number of qualifying transactions made with your NCBA Visa card. Each transaction meeting the minimum requirement earns you one entry into the draw.

Validity of Entries

Entries accumulated throughout the week are valid for the draws conducted for that specific week. This means that participants have a fresh chance to win each week, keeping the excitement and engagement levels high.

Prizes and Packages

Overview of the Prize Package

The prize package is nothing short of spectacular. Three lucky winners, along with a plus one each, will get the opportunity to experience the Paris Olympics 2024 in person. This once-in-a-lifetime trip includes numerous perks designed to make the experience unforgettable.

Detailed Description of the Prizes

Accommodation in Paris

Winners will enjoy three nights of accommodation in Paris, including breakfast. The accommodation is based on double occupancy, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout their stay.

Olympic Games Event Tickets

Each winner will receive two Visa Paris 2024 Olympic Games event tickets per person. This allows them to witness the grandeur of the Olympics, cheering for their favorite athletes and enjoying the thrilling competitions.

Transportation and Activity Passes

To make navigation easy, winners will be provided with a Paris metro card for transportation from the airport/train station to the events. Additionally, they will receive a Paris activity pass, which includes a choice of three activities from a list of 33 options. These activities range from Seine River cruises and bike tours to visits to Paris landmarks, monuments, and museums.

Visa Prepaid Card and Branded Gifts

Winners will also receive a Visa prepaid card loaded with 50 Euros, offering them the flexibility to make purchases during their stay. To commemorate their trip, they will receive a branded Paris 2024 gift, serving as a lasting memento of their incredible experience.

Dedicated Hosting Team

Role of the Hosting Team

A dedicated hosting team will be on-site to ensure that winners have a smooth and enjoyable experience. This team will assist with any queries or issues, providing support throughout the trip.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Team

Having a dedicated hosting team ensures that winners can focus on enjoying their trip without worrying about logistical details. This personalized service enhances the overall experience, making it truly memorable.


List of Exclusions

Certain transactions are excluded from this campaign. These include ATM withdrawals or cash advances, financial charges, balance transfers, simple installment plans (SIP), credit card annual fees, and joining fees, as well as government service taxes.

Reasons for These Exclusions

These exclusions are in place to ensure that the campaign rewards genuine usage of the NCBA Visa cards for everyday transactions. By focusing on regular spending, the campaign aims to drive meaningful engagement and utilization of the cards.


In conclusion, NCBA’s exclusive rights to promote the Paris Olympics Games 2024, in partnership with Visa, present an exciting opportunity for customers. By participating in the “Swipe for an Ultimate Dream Trip to the Olympic Games Paris 2024” campaign, NCBA Visa cardholders can not only enjoy the benefits of using their cards but also stand a chance to win an unforgettable trip to Paris. So, start swiping and get ready for an Olympic adventure like no other!


  1. Can supplementary cardholders participate in the campaign?
    • Yes, entries earned from supplementary cards will be deemed to have been earned by the principal cardholder.
  2. Are there any restrictions on the types of transactions that qualify for the draw?
    • Yes, ATM withdrawals, financial charges, balance transfers, SIP, and card fees are excluded.
  3. How will winners be notified?
    • Winners will be contacted by NCBA through the contact details provided in their account information.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of entries I can earn?
    • No, there is no limit. The more you use your NCBA Visa card, the more entries you accumulate.
  5. What happens if I win but cannot attend the Paris Olympics?
    • In such cases, NCBA will provide further instructions, which may include transferring the prize to another eligible participant or offering an alternative prize.

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