News and Events Affecting Crypto Volatility and the Online Resources to Watch


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are known for their volatility.

The value of cryptocurrencies can swing upwards or plummet in a matter of minutes, so it’s crucial to keep tabs on market factors that impact movement. In 2021, Bitcoin’s value went from $40,000 in January to $60,000+ in mid-April before dropping by 50% to around $30,000 in July. The crypto then ascended to $52,000 in September before falling to $40,000 just two weeks later.

There are many such instances throughout the price history of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, the movement is influenced by public discourse and specific events.

Here’s an overview of the news headlines that affect crypto price movement and online resources you can use to stay updated:

Crypto Crime News

One of the critical discourses that influence the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is news about crypto crime.

When media coverage highlights criminal activities, such as hacking or fraud, it can cause shifts in public sentiment and subsequent fluctuations in the prices of the affected cryptocurrency.

Such coverage creates uncertainty in the market by negatively portraying crypto investments as vulnerable and unsafe. Investor sentiments may be affected, leading to rushed sell-offs. 

A large volume of sell-offs naturally creates panic, causing more people to liquidate their assets for more stable investments like stablecoins and gold. This can result in a sudden drop in cryptocurrency value.

Persistent discourse on crypto crime can also increase regulatory scrutiny and interventions, further affecting the market dynamics. If the crimes persist, they may increase demand for more stringent regulations, impacting ‘whale’ investor behavior and crypto price movement.

Crypto Regulation News

The world is rapidly adopting cryptocurrencies, so new regulations and policies are expected. Regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency market carry more weight in price analysis and can cause rapid movements. That’s because they tend to affect how investors look at the short-term and long-term security and profitability of their holdings.

This is true for most industries, including in the energy and gaming sectors. If the regulations are too tight, investors will pull out and cause various shifts in the market.

For instance, casino operators offer real money games like slots, roulettes and blackjack online.

When governments introduce new rules, such as increased taxes on gambling revenue, the investors may decide not to renew their licenses. This may push punters to explore games from offshore websites.

In the same way, strict crypto regulations may cause investors to sell larger percentages of their holdings. Government decisions and policies often cause investor reactions, especially when the new developments spell potential changes. 

Crypto Economy/Market News

Discourse on the crypto economy and markets can influence the price of Bitcoin and other coins.

These discussions explore the cryptocurrency market trends, economic indicators and investment strategies within the existing ecosystem. For instance, if more investors buy a specific cryptocurrency projected to increase in value, other people will pick up on the trend.

Similarly, if investors are selling off their portfolios, people will follow suit. Keeping tabs on investment strategies and market insights can cause widespread actions and movements that may impact prices. 

If more people are selling their portfolios, the value of the cryptocurrency will naturally drop and vice versa.

Discourse on the crypto market and economy often provides valuable information that exposes investor sentiment, regulatory developments and volatility. These factors directly influence crypto prices. For example, investors will avoid specific cryptos if indicators point to decreasing interest or if experts predict the market will crash.

Any pointers that shape market perception have the potential to cause movements that may snowball into domino effects that end up bolstering or crashing prices.

Top Crypto News Articles To Stay Informed

Keeping tabs on the crypto market and following the latest news is crucial to succeeding as an investor. You can learn how to invest your funds, implement crypto payments in your store and analyze new opportunities.

There are many online resources for investors, including exclusive crypto news and blog platforms, exchange sites, reports and reviews. Modern crypto platforms review massive amounts of literature and leverage AI’s natural language processing (NLP) to categorize and analyze crypto news. 

NLP helps to evaluate the influence of crypto news and events on market prices using tokenization, keyword filtering, lemmatization, sentimental analysis and other techniques.

News sites also compare all literature with other market influencers for accuracy and correlate with price analysis records to determine if there are any meaningful connections between the discourse and crypto price movement. The articles are grouped according to market trends, regulatory developments, tech advancements, security breaches and other thematic summaries.

Here are five recommended crypto news platforms and their traffic:

  • Cointelegraph – Over 7.3 Million
  • CoinDesk – Over 7.2 Million
  • BelnCrypto – Over 4.7 Million
  • Decrypt – Over 3.6 Million
  • – Over 2.9 Million

Key Takeaways About Crypto News and Volatility

Cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction as a feasible investment, with millions of users and thousands of ‘whales’ holding massive portfolios. However, like stocks, there’s no certainty about where crypto prices will shift next.

Political tension, new technology developments, government regulations, investor actions and the overall economy all affect price dynamics. As an investor, you need real-time access to high-quality information. It’s also important to learn how to discern crypto literature and movements to avoid rush decisions.


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