NTSA Lists Tough Requirements for School Buses After Increase in Accidents

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has listed requirements for school buses following the reopening of learning institutions.

In a notice, NTSA indicated that all school buses are expected to be fitted with fictional speed limiters. The speed limiters also need to be onboarded onto the NTSA Intelligent Road Safety Management System (IRSMS) for monitoring the speed of the vehicles.

Additionally, all the vehicles are required to have a valid inspection certificate and valid Road Service Licenses (RSL).

Equally, the vehicles are expected to have valid vehicle insurance cover.

NTSA officials on a road during an enforcement of traffic rules in March 2024.



NTSA also noted that it was expecting the vehicles to be fitted with functional seatbelts which the students can use during their transportation to and from school.

Apart from the buses, NTSA also listed its requirements for drivers among them being a valid Driver’s Licence. The class endorsement also needs to match the vehicle being driven.

For instance, drivers who are limited to driving saloon cars should not drive buses.

The drivers also need to have a valid Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge.

Additionally, the authority warned schools against disregarding the vehicle capacity limit. NTSA revealed that action would be taken against schools that overload.

PSVs that also overload students during this back-to-school period are also being targeted.

NTSA indicated that compliance with the requirements will be ascertained during the ongoing nationwide inspections being undertaken in conjunction with the National Police Service (NPS).

“School administration must put in place measures to ensure full Compliance with the requirements of the Traffic Act and the PSV regulations.

“We urge all motorists to be cautious and mindful of other road users as children go back to school,” read the statement in part.

NTSA officials removing number plates from a vehicle during an enforcement exercise in April 2024.



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