Nyako’s insightful counsel for contemporary Kenyan women

Kenyan-German-based TikToker Pilot Nyako shared some advice for wives in the wake of the tragic death of Ohangla artiste Sheila Wegesha.

Nyako, who keeps a close eye on events in Kenya, urged married women to refrain from partying with their husbands and offered a suggestion on how to use their time wisely.


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“Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Stay at home, stay in your marriage, stay at home. Don’t go to the club to jump around with men,” she expressed her viewpoint.

“Dancing recklessly in the clubs. It will end tragically,” she cautioned.

“Slay queens, are you listening to me? Slay queens, if you’ve chosen to get married, stay home, like Nyako here,” she continued, using her own example to emphasize her point.


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“Make TikTok your best friend, leave your husband to go on those rounds. There is no way a man and a woman can party in a club together and it will end well,” advised the influential social media user.

“No way. Befriend TikTok. You don’t have to go to the club. Stay here with us at home, let’s chat, let’s argue,” she insisted.

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