Oga Obinna & Claudia Naisabwa Rock Unique Outfits At Kitenge Festival

The 7th edition of Kitenge Festival saw numerous celebrities embrace fashion as they showcased their best outfits.

The fact that event attendees also have to rock Kitenge outfits makes the event quite outstanding to say the least. The kind of Music that’s played matches the occasion exquisitely.

Last year, the 6th edition is set to go down on the 29th of April at Rupas Mall grounds with Kate Actress known for her high fashion sense and Oga Obinna the top entertainer in the 254 as hosts.


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This year, Obinna was once again the host in tandem with Claudia Naisabwa.

With 2024 heralded as her year of ascent, Claudia Naisabwa, the beloved female MC, embraced the festival with a unique red outfit.

Obinna wore his signature suits, this time making a blend with navy blue.

The festival was held at Rupas Mall in Eldoret, sponsored by YEIYO.com. Kitenge Fashion Fest vision is to transform Kenyan designs and fashion into a strong tourism and local income earner. It expanded opportunities and space for designers, models, creative artists and artpreneurs in the region by offering them a platform to showcase and network with clients, investors and marketers locally, regionally and internationally. Kitenge Fashion Festival attracted a massive following, Including dignitaries, sportsmen

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