Pastor Kanyari Throws Shade At Kikuyu Men For Not Taking Up Responsibility

A video featuring Kenyan pastor Kanyari’s views on single mothers in Kenya has gone viral.

In the video, Kanyari links a high number of single mothers to a specific ethnicity (Kikuyu) and suggests financial irresponsibility as a cause.

It’s important to address the limitations of Kanyari’s claims. Single parenthood in Kenya likely stems from various factors, and attributing it solely to ethnicity or spending habits is inaccurate. National statistics or research studies would provide a more complete picture.

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The video also mentions single mothers raising children without fathers due to divorce or separation. This is a growing trend worldwide, not limited to a specific Kenyan community.

But Kanyari has put Kikuyus on the spotlight over the latter.

“Single mothers wengi Kenya ni Wakikuyu, and this is because Kikuyu men are very stingy and don’t want to take responsibility for what’s theirs.”

Co-parenting arrangements are becoming more common as couples choose to raise children separately for various reasons, including safety concerns or differing life goals.

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While Kanyari believes Kikuyus should up their game, it’s not the only tribe that has faced challenges when it comes to raising children.

As a matter of fact, most people nowadays opt to go for co-parenting rather than staying with each other.

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