President Ruto Considers Exporting Maize to Zambia After Bumper Harvest

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President William Ruto on Thursday announced Kenya’s plans to export its maize to Zambia.

Ruto who spoke during the Africa Fertiliser and Soil Health Summit held in Nairobi revealed the move was triggered following a bumper harvest by Kenyan farmers.

According to Ruto, the move was a shift from the initial plans where the Kenyan government negotiated a deal to import maize from Zambia.

“I had a conversation with my brother, President Hichilema when they had a bumper harvest and we did not have as much,” Ruto revealed.

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“We were having a conversation about how we can import from Zambia, maybe because today we have a bumper harvest, we can have the conversation in reverse,” he added.

The Head of State attributed the increased output by the Kenyan farmers to the subsidised fertiliser issued by the government which the President claimed immensely boosted farm produce.

While making the announcement, Ruto also urged the African Heads of State to leverage the African Free Trade Area to allow free trade within the continent.

“That is why it is important to leverage on the Pan African initiative and integration to provide the basis to harness research and technology to develop a robust soil formation system,” Ruto stated. 

In October last year, President William Ruto announced plans to ban the importation of maize to the country to protect local farmers.

“I want us to put an end to that, we don’t want to import maize ever again, 2024 will be the last year that we as a country will receive maize,” Ruto announced.

“By next year, I will put in place enough tractors across the country and a plan in which they will be used,” he added.

According to Ruto, the government would only deviate from its ban on maize imports only if the local produce would be insufficient. 

President William Ruto delivering a lecture at the Lusophone University in Guinea Bissau on April 6, 2024.


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