Pritty Vishy Responds To Stevo’s Demands He Wanted To Be Met For Their Re-Union

Former couple Stevo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy are back in the news after Stevo’s recent interview with Kenya Online Media. The two dated for several years before Stevo’s rise to fame, but their relationship ended in early 2022. Stevo has since married someone else, while Pritty’s relationship status remains unclear.

In the interview, Stevo made headlines with his controversial remarks about Pritty. He stated that getting back together, having a child with him, or marrying him would come at a price – ranging from Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 2 million.

Pritty responded negatively, suggesting Stevo should have spoken directly to her instead of making these comments publicly. She reiterated that she ended the relationship and has no interest in reuniting with him.

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Adding another layer of complexity, there were previous claims that their relationship wasn’t even romantic, with Stevo allegedly wanting to wait for marriage before intimacy.

This back-and-forth highlights the ongoing drama between Stevo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy. While the exact nature of their past relationship remains debated, their recent exchange indicates there’s no chance of a romantic rekindling.

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