Ringtone Optimistic He Will Marry This Year Despite Not Having A Girlfriend

Musician Ringtone Apoko has his dream wedding all planned out, with one key detail missing: his bride. Despite being single currently, Ringtone tells Radio Maisha he’s aiming for a 2024 wedding.

Ringtone has a grand vision for his big day.

“I’m sending a message to the President and the Cabinet Secretary,” he declared, “Get the new Talanta Stadium finished quickly! That’s where I want to get married. I want mine to be the first ever wedding held there!”

Confident in finding his perfect match, Ringtone brushed aside doubts about his ambitious plans. “I’ll find someone amazing, just wait and see,” he insisted. When asked if his timeline was unrealistic, Ringtone maintained he only needs a short time to find his future wife.

“Mambo ya mungu anapanga. Wacha nifanye plans, mungu will provide. I have invited you. Pilau will be in plenty, muziki, hii pressure ya Nairobi mnadate mtu miaka mbili, si muoane! Mnadanganyana two years. I will date for 3 months. Mwezi wa tatu tumefanya harusi. God works in 3’s.”

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