Ruto’s Decision on Linturi’s Impeachment Will Determine the President’s Political Approach

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As the country awaits the outcome of Agriculture and Livestock Production Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi’s impeachment motion, experts are warning that this could serve as a litmus test on the leadership of President William Ruto.

Ruto, the leader of Kenya Kwanza which holds a majority in Parliament, holds sway that could potentially save his ally Linturi, who is facing an impeachment motion. However, his influence is largely contingent upon his control of the Parliament.

According to governance expert Professor Gitile Naituli, Ruto could mobilise his party members to vote against the motion if it is tabled in Parliament next week. The Select Committee, chaired by Marsabit County woman representative Naomi Waqo, consists of six members from Kenya Kwanza, four from the opposition, and one from the Jubilee Party.

“For the motion to proceed to the next stage, the committee must find substance in the case against Linturi and recommend his impeachment to the House,” Naituli explained. “The National Assembly will then proceed to vote on whether to adopt the report, essentially deciding whether CS Linturi stays or goes.”

However, Naituli cautioned that if Ruto directs his members to vote in favour of Linturi, it could tarnish his government’s record on accountability.

Under Article 152 of the Constitution, the President’s role in the impeachment process is limited to dismissing the Cabinet Secretary if Parliament approves the motion.

President William Ruto addressing a delegation.


“If Linturi survives the impeachment and continues to serve in President Ruto’s cabinet, it will speak volumes,” Naituli added.

Linturi is facing impeachment over allegations related to the supply of fake fertiliser to farmers across the country.

During his appearance before the National Assembly Select Committee on Thursday, Linturi vehemently denied the allegations, citing lack of evidence and a connection between the accusations and his duties as a minister. He argued against the motion, pointing out flaws in each of the three allegations leveled against him.

Bumula MP Jack Wamboka’s motion accuses Linturi of gross violation of the Constitution, gross violation of Article 46, and gross misconduct, particularly in relation to the fake fertiliser scandal.

Linturi’s lawyer, Muthomi Thiankolu, challenged Wamboka to provide evidence linking his client to the purchase of the fertiliser, emphasising that no such documentation had been presented.

President Ruto had previously called for the arrest and prosecution of those involved in the fake fertiliser saga, vowing to deal with fraudsters undermining food production programmes.

While it remains uncertain what action the President will take regarding Linturi’s impeachment, Naituli warned that whatever decision he makes will have significant implications for his government’s stance on corruption.

“We are a corrupt nation, and Ruto’s decision in the Linturi saga will either bolster accountability tools in the Constitution or expose weaknesses,” Naituli remarked.

With the Select Committee set to table its report on Monday, May 13, all eyes are on Parliament as the fate of Linturi hangs in the balance, poised to determine not only his future but also the political trajectory of President William Ruto’s administration.

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi condoling with Mwenda Ali and family, Igembe Central, April 20.


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