Samidoh Advices Men Not To ‘Simp’ For Women Rejecting Them


Image: Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Mugithi artist Samidoh has been sharing his thoughts on love and relationships on social media, and it’s sparking conversations.

In one post, he addressed why some men might hesitate to approach a woman who has rejected them. He suggests that men who are overly focused on getting a woman’s attention, sometimes at their own expense, are unlikely to find success.

“Kuna mrembo ameniuliza, ‘Why do men stop talking to a lady after she says no to dating, Samidoh wrote”

He continued;

“Nimemjibu ” Is there a point in hanging around a company premises after a failed interview?”. Waste no extra energy akisema no. Remember simps will always see dust.”


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Samidoh also offered his perspective on marriage. He believes that effective communication is key, and that sometimes understanding your partner’s unspoken emotions is more important than hearing the words themselves.

“Marriage is understanding that your wife already said sorry to you in her head, if you didn’t hear it, that’s your problem.”

Samidoh has been among the most sought after celebrities for utilizing their male wits that enable him to attract women. Like Andrew Kibe, Samidoh believes that ‘simps will always see dust.’


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