Senate Suspends Sittings Due to Power Blackout – Sifuna

The Senate on Thursday, May 9, was forced to suspend its sittings due to a power blackout. 

This was announced by Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna who did not explain if the parliamentarians would stream back to the House in the event the blackout ended during sitting hours.

“We have had to suspend sittings of the Senate because there is no power in Parliament,” Sifuna revealed. 

Immediately after the power went off, the Senators were forced to revert to their smartphone flashlights.

The Kenyan Senate.


Senate of Kenya

This did not work out as expected as legislators started shouting and poking fun at each other.

Members of the opposition started chanting “Ruto Must Go” with members of the ruling party responding with “Raila Must Go.”

The blackout occurred at a time when select members of the National Assembly were also at Parliament Buildings debating the impeachment motion seeking to hound out Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi from office.

Curiously, members of the opposition did not chant “Linturi Must Go” concerning the investigation of his handling of the fake fertiliser case.

A week ago, Members of the National Assembly had made the chant moments before approving the motion to impeach the Agriculture Minister.

It was not reported why the Senate did not use a backup generator after the power blackout. 

The Parliament not only uses power for general lighting but also for audio and live streaming of proceedings. 

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