Senate Unearths Ksh51 Million Procurement Blunder That Led to Wall Demolitions at City Hall


Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja is on the spot for the installation of three printing press machines that have led to the demolition of a wall in City Hall.

The Public Accounts Committee of the Senate on Monday, raised a concern after Nairobi County procured machines worth Ksh51 million which are yet to be installed.

During the Senate committee sitting where the Nairobi County Governor, Johnson Sakaja and officials from the county were summoned, it was revealed that the machines were procured in the financial year 2017 and are yet to be put into use.

According to the county officials, they were deemed too large to fit in the designated area within City Hall Nairobi.

Nairobi Governor Sakaja chaired the 24th Cabinet meeting of the Nairobi County Government on April 30, 2024


Nairobi County Government

Further, the Senate Committee revealed that Nairobi county had put out a procurement notice requesting interested parties to demolish a wall at city hall to fit the machines.

According to the committee, the notice was put out by the county recently with the deadline for submissions of interest being on March 18.

Further, it was revealed that the County Government is procuring services to demolish a wall and fit the printing machines at a cost of Ksh 2.5 Million.

“The requisition was done and the advertisement of the award was done on March 18 2023, and no one met the requirements, another for the same was done on April 9 and ended on April 18,” stated the County Finance Officer

Governor Sakaja also opined that there was a possibility that the machines were outdated, given that they had been purchased 5 years ago.

Further during the proceedings, the  County was on the spot for a spending of Ksh600 million which was spent erroneously in 2020 and 2022.

In more unaccounted-for spending by the County, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja requested the Senate to probe the Ksh27 billion that was allocated to the defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) during its two-year tenure.

The Auditor General’s office in its report also raised concerns that the Nairobi Pay system which was used by the county was opaque with details on it being scanty. 

Office of the County Governor, Nairobi County.


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