Shakila contends that women are more prone to cheating than men

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Shakilla Tiffany recently took to social media to express her views on which gender she believes tends to engage in more infidelity within relationships.

The Kenyan-South African socialite shared a screenshot on her Snapchat account, indicating her opinion that women are more inclined to stray in relationships compared to men due to simpler circumstances.


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According to the 21-year-old, infidelity poses more challenges for men. “It’s not even possible that men cheat more than women,” she wrote, suggesting that cheating is financially demanding for males. “A man needs to have money to cheat,” she continued.

Shakilla further argued that women have an easier time being unfaithful as they require fewer resources. “Lol cheating is an expensive sport indeed. A woman needs nothing. Not even makeup to cheat. All she needs to do is part thighs and a man will guide* in,” she added.


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Last year, Shakilla made a discreet move to South Africa without disclosing her reasons for leaving Kenya. Despite her relocation, she remains active on social media, sharing insights into her dating life and experiences abroad. Her move puts her among a growing list of Kenyan celebrities who have chosen to reside overseas, including Msupa S, Vivian, Ruth Matete, Janet Otieno, and Nonini.

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