Stevo Simple Boy Regains Social Media Accounts, Chooses Family For Management

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy is celebrating after his former manager, Chingi Boy, returned control of his social media accounts. This follows a previous disagreement between the two.

Chingi Boy explained that difficulties arose due to issues with Stevo’s family, not with the artist himself. He ultimately chose to honor his commitment and return the accounts.

“Mimi Stevo ni boy wangu…tumeishi na yeye vizuri issue yangu ni mandugu zake na hiyo ni ya kitambo tulisort.”

Stevo Simple Boy has opted for a new management approach, entrusting his family and close friends with the role. He believes their close relationship makes them best suited for the job.

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Looking ahead, Stevo emphasizes consulting his family on financial decisions related to his music career. This new strategy aims to prevent past financial losses.

“Familia ndio inanijua zaidi kuliko watu wengi.So nikachukua jukumu kwamba wanimanage pia marafiki na mashabiki na wanahabari kila mtu saa hii hakuna kufungia mtu kama kuna kitu unaniambia.” Stevo shared.

While Stevo’s path has had its challenges, here’s to hoping this decision brings success for both him and his family.

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