Stevo Simple Boy Says He’d Rather Be Broke Than Date A Sugar Mummy-‘Wacha nikae vile Nilivyo’


Kenyan artist Stevo Simpleboy, known for his hit “Tuache Mihadarati,” has spoken out against the trend of men relying on “sugar mummies” for financial support.

Stevo argues that these relationships are exploitative, hindering men from achieving their full potential.

“Wamama wanatumia vijana vibaya… Mumama akishakubuyia gari na akishakufanyia hizo taka taka zote hawezi kupea uhuru wa kutoka ufanye vile unataka. (Sugar mommies take advantage of young men,” Stevo said. “Once they buy you a car and take care of your expenses, they take away your freedom to pursue your goals),” he shared.

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The Sugar Mummy ‘Effect’

Stevo’s statement comes after a conversation with a friend who revealed his car and studio rent were financed by a sugar momma. The friend encouraged Stevo to follow suit and enjoy the benefits.

Stevo adamantly refused, stating he’d rather struggle financially and maintain his independence than be controlled by a sugar momma.

Wacha nuikae vile mimi nilivyo(I’d rather stay broke the way I am),” Stevo declared. “I’m happy with who I have around me.”

This highlights Stevo’s stance on self-reliance and pursuing success on his own terms, even if it means facing challenges.

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The singer has had a tumultuous musical career, especially after his managers started frustrating hi. Despite all this, he remains optimistic in his endeavours.


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