Stoopid Boy vs Ofweneke: Various celebrities’ statements regarding compensation for media interviews

TV47 TV host Dr. Ofweneke sparked controversy a week ago when he disclosed that a guest he had invited refused to attend because he wasn’t compensated. The debate about whether media outlets should pay artists for interviews has since gained traction online.


Dr. Ofweneke’s Beef With Urbantone Artist Stoopid Boy Escalates After Failed Interview

The discussion started after Dr. Ofweneke mentioned that he had invited Arbantone artist Stoopid Boy for an interview, but the singer declined due to lack of payment. Dr. Ofweneke offered to cover transportation costs, but Stoopid Boy canceled the interview last minute, stating that he didn’t need the exposure.

Stoopid Boy remarked, “There’s no way you can be young, famous, and broke. You need to know how I live for you to call me for such nonsense.”

On Sunday, May 12, Dr. Ofweneke addressed the issue again in response to numerous inquiries. He emphasized that the conversation needed to be had, not about whether artists should be paid for interviews, but whether rising stars were being taken advantage of, with their popularity not reflecting in their finances.


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He suggested implementing a mentorship program and financial literacy classes for upcoming artists to avoid exploitation. Several celebrities weighed in on the matter:

  1. DJ Shiti criticized both Dr. Ofweneke and Stoopid Boy for their actions and emphasized the need for mutual understanding.
  2. KRG The Don stressed the importance of collaboration between artists and the media.
  3. Kenyan Prince humorously commented on the debate about payment.
  4. Ezra FBI jokingly remarked on the situation.
  5. Willis Raburu acknowledged artists’ right to request payment for interviews.
  6. Moya David teased about forgetting Stoopid Boy’s name.
  7. Oga Obinna made a playful comment about Stoopid Boy’s decision.
  8. Breeder LW made a humorous remark about the situation.
  9. Okello Max questioned the cancellation of the interview and suggested better preparation.
  10. Wanjiku Stephens highlighted the importance of artists knowing their worth.
  11. Goddy Hunch advocated for payment for Stoopid Boy.

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