Tanasha reacts in response to Pastor Kanyari’s remarks on lip fillers


Tanasha Donna has been at the center of discussions regarding her recent lip fillers, openly acknowledging the cosmetic procedure after showcasing visibly swollen lips. Responding to criticism, particularly from Pastor Kanyari, who expressed his views on the matter, Tanasha addressed the issue directly.


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In a comment on the Nairobi Gossip Club IG page, Tanasha clarified that the swollen appearance was temporary, occurring on the second or third day post-fillers, and emphasized that fillers are not permanent. Encouraging others to educate themselves on cosmetology before making judgments, she asserted her autonomy over her appearance.


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Pastor Kanyari, in a recent TikTok Live session, had remarked on Tanasha’s lip enhancement, pondering the reasons behind women’s desire for such alterations. He sought insights from his audience regarding the preference for features like plump lips, larger hips, and enhanced breasts among women.

While posing the question, “Ladies, what do you like about men?” he offered his own observation that women tend to favor taller men, continuing the discussion on physical attributes and preferences.


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