The individual accused in the killing of MKU student Faith Musembi will be held in custody for a period of 21 days

A request by the police to detain a suspect in connection with the murder of a university student has been granted by a Thika court. David Kioko appeared before Thika Chief Magistrate Phillip Mutua on Tuesday, where the investigating officer, Oscar Limo, sought permission to detain the suspect for 21 days to conclude investigations.


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Kioko stands accused of killing 19-year-old Faith Musembi, a first-year student at Mount Kenya University, at her rented apartment in Pilot estate last Wednesday night.

During the application, the investigating officer explained the need for additional time to conduct another autopsy for further sample collection. He also mentioned plans to subject the suspect to a mental assessment and gather witness statements.

Detectives are still working to recover the deceased’s mobile phone, which will undergo forensic analysis later on.

Granting the application, Justice Mutua acknowledged the public interest in the case but decided to authorize a 14-day detention period for the suspect at Thika police station.

The case is scheduled for mention on May 28.


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Regarding the messages sent from the deceased’s phone, one of them stated, “Can you tell the mother to cooperate and have her daughter back or she dies with her unborn child? And take it with the seriousness it deserves.” This was revealed by Joseph Kinaka, the deceased’s uncle, who received a WhatsApp message demanding a ransom of Sh33,000 or Faith’s life.

Upon further communication with the individual in possession of the phone, Kinaka received a photo of the deceased, showing signs of blood from her nose and a bitten tongue.

The individual eventually confessed to the murder. The phone was traced to operating in Nairobi CBD.

An autopsy conducted at Thika General Kago Funeral Home revealed that Faith succumbed to excessive bleeding caused by abruptial placenta, where the placenta detached itself, leading to severe bleeding.

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