The legal proceedings concerning the death of Assad Khan reconvene for Maxine Wahome’s trial.

Rally race driver Maxine Wahome is scheduled to appear at the High Court today, where she is the primary suspect in the alleged murder of her rally driver boyfriend, Assad Khan.


Maxine Wahome resumes career despite being under investigation for murder of boyfriend

During the last court session, a video clip was presented showing an emotional Wahome recounting to her father and detectives how she was assaulted by Assad Khan before his death. In the clip, Wahome can be heard tearfully saying, “Daddy, he cut himself. He kicked the window. I was the one who was beaten up.” This video clip serves as part of the evidence relied upon by the defense counsels.

The clip was introduced when one of the prosecution witnesses, Samuel Kimani, testified that he was the individual who went to the Kileleshwa police station and accompanied officers to Assad’s residence after finding him lying in a pool of blood. Kimani informed the trial Judge Lillian Mutende that Assad was still alive when he sought help from the police. He recalled hearing Assad mumble the word “babe” while lying on the ground.


Murder suspect Maxine Wahome released on 2 million Ksh bond

Kimani, a neighbor to Assad and Chairman of the Kileleshwa Preston Court Residents Association, described Assad as a quiet person but noted a different side to him once acquainted. He recounted incidents where guards reported violent disturbances at Assad’s residence involving him and a woman, indicating a recurring pattern over the ten years he had lived there.

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