Tiktoker Mama Tinsley Shares Video of 8-Minute Phone Call With Ruto

President William Ruto on Sunday held a phone conversation with Mama Tinsely after a clip of her daughter seeming distraught over the school reopening date went viral.

Last week, shortly after the President announced that all schools would reopen on Monday, May 13, a video clip of Tinsley Ndutah complaining over the directive went viral on social media, hitting 2.3 million clicks on TikTok.

The Head of State then tracked down the 4-year-old’s mother who features in the video with the aim of lifting Tinsley’s spirit over school reopening.

“I have been looking for you because I saw your daughter complain about school reopening. I thought it wise to look for her and try to explain the reason for returning to school,” Ruto opened the phone call to Mama Tinsley. 

President William Ruto issuing the KCPE and KPSEA National Examinations at the Kikuyu Township Primary School, Kiambu County on October 30, 2023.

Their entire conversation was captured on an 8-minute clip that Mama Tinsley later shared on her TikTok account.

“She had heard that school reopening was suspended until further notice and was shocked when we revealed the date,” the President added.

Turning to the daughter, the President reiterated that school was important for all individuals looking to achieve their goals in the future.

“When I saw that you asked why Ruto has said that you should go back to school, I decided to call you so that I explain why you have to go to school,” Ruto told Tinsley on the phone.

“You have to go to school because it is important that every child in Kenya, the law says, must go to school. Every parent must take their children to school because it is the only way we can impart knowledge, you can learn new things and subjects that can help you in the future. Your mother and just like me we have gone to school so that we can do the things that we are doing.”

In her defense, Tinsely, whose mother is a businesswoman and owns a wines and spirits shop, explained that she seemed distraught over the announcement because she was not adequately prepared.

On Wednesday, the Head of State directed all schools to reopen on Monday, May 13. The school reopening calendar had been disrupted by the flooding menace that left nearly 2,000 schools in ruins and claimed 238 lives.

Ruto had earlier suspended school reopening indefinitely as the Kenya Meteorological Department analysed weather patterns. 

President William Ruto in a meeting with Kajiado leaders.


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