Trisha Khalid Reveals Odd Jobs She Did Before Fame (Video)

Celebrated thespian Trisha Khalid has divulged her progressive journey to fame. The voluptuous socialite shared in  a recent interview how she hustled her way up to where she is now.

To begin with, Trisha reminisces how she worked as a car hire agent at the Coast & as a conductor, making Ksh 15K a month as salary.

While doing the same job, Trisha claims that she didn’t have enough time for her family.

“Nilisomea cabin crew… In my first job, I was a car hire agent at a certain company in Mombasa. After that nilikuwa nikaingia conductor wa bus, Modern Coast. Hiyo ni kazi ilikuwa inaniingizia 15K per month. I used to travel from Mombasa to Nairobi. Nikifika Nairobi narudi na hiyo job. I didn’t even have time for my family or myself,” she said.

Trisha Khalid’s Fake Death

The socialite was once rumoured to be in a tragic road accident that left her family worried, especially after she wasn’t receiving phone calls.

Trisha went ahead to narrate the latter;

There was a page that posted that I had an accident and I died. That left my mum terrified. My whole family was terrified,” she shared.

“My whole family was terrified. She was calling me but I was shooting so I wasn’t picking up, She almost took a flight to Nairobi to come to see me. That was so bad,” she said.

Trisha has been among the most sought after female celebrities in the country, especially for her impeccable acting skills.

Watch her full interview below;

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