Uchungu jameni! Jackie Matubia is tallying her losses after her daughter destroys this expensive item

Jackie Matubia, the multi-award-winning actress turned producer/director, is facing losses after her toddler, baby Zendaya, broke their 65-inch smart TV.

Taking to her Instagram stories to share her woes, Jackie, who recently attended the premiere of Bridgerton season 3 in South Africa, was captured in a conversation with her pre-teen daughter, Zari, who had just reported her younger sister’s mischief.


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The camera panned to the TV, displaying children’s cartoons with blurry and colored lines running vertically and horizontally, indicating damage.

“Mom, are you sad?” Zari asked, while absorbed in her phone, seemingly unfazed.

Expressing her distress, Jackie admitted she was beyond sad and sought advice from her followers on whether to repair the TV or purchase a new one.


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“I am very sad, what do you mean ‘I am sad?’ I am very sad…” the actress lamented.

Zari, her eldest daughter, remarked on the situation, suggesting that if Zendaya didn’t have the toy, she wouldn’t have broken the TV.

Jackie then appealed to her followers for assistance, sharing her dilemma and emotional turmoil over the costly mishap.

“This is what I come home to… Please advise, folks. Should I buy a new one, or can this be fixed? Someone help this single mother because the pain I am feeling, a whole 65 inches! It hurts, folks,” she added.

In a subsequent post, Jackie attempted to reason with her oblivious toddler, who seemed unaware of the trouble she caused or the value of the damaged device.

“Looks like she’ll be the death of me one day,” the veteran actress captioned the video, where her adorable baby girl showed no remorse, only seeking cuddles from her mom.

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