‘Ukiachwa Achika..’ CS Linturi Told After Blaming Former Spouse For Impeachment Woes

The longstanding troubled relationship between former bedfellows, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi and Aldai MP Marianne Kitany, resurfaced during the impeachment hearing of the underfire Minister.

CS Linturi pointed fingers at his former partner Maryanne Kitany alleging her involvement in the motion for his dismissal, rather than Bumula MP Jack Wamboka who presented the motion in Parliament.

The Agriculture and Livestock CS is facing three charges of alleged gross misconduct, a gross violation of the constitution and committing a crime related to the fake fertilizer scandal.

Linturi’s lawyer, Muthomi Thiankolu, informed the Select Committee that the second charge stemmed from the discord between Linturi and Kitany, emphasizing that all legal disputes between them had favored his client.

“They are personal disputes between Linturi and Aldai MP. The million dollar question is; how did mover of motion make the difference between the two as the core basis upon which allegation of number two is based?” Thiankolu.

Linturi and Kitany Divorce Battle

Notably, Linturi and Kitany had a contentious divorce battle lasting over three years, concluding with a court ruling in 2022 that they were not legally wed, despite Kitany’s claims of a customary marriage adhering to Meru and Nandi traditions.

Kitany even dragged President Ruto’s name into the divorce case. She had previously worked as Ruto’s Chief of Staff when he was Deputy president.

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The magistrate ruled that the court cannot recognize a customary marriage that is not registered.

On Tuesday, Linturi’s lawyer told the Select Committee that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations probed allegations by the MP against the CS and forwarded the files to the Director of Public Prosecutions who said they were closed.

“DPP closed all these matters on May 31 last year,” he said.

“Someone lost court cases at the high court of appeal, all magistrates’ courts and then made this cases the basis for charge number two,” Thiankolu added.

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Responding to Linturi’s defense, MP Jack Wamboka criticized Linturi’s invocation of Kitany in his response letter, likening it to a love letter from a spurned lover and emphasizing the seriousness of the impeachment proceedings.

“I have looked at the responses by the CS and it is nothing short of a love letter by a jilted lover. These are grave matters to be reduced to lover matters,” Wamboka said.

He added: “Ukiachwa achika. She has a right kukukubali na kukukataa, allow her to proceed on with her life.”

Bumula MP Jack during the impeachment pre-trial of CS Mithika Linturi on Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Wamboka, represented by Senior Counsel John Khaminwa, plans to rely on eight witnesses, including 6 farmers and 2 experts, to support his case against Linturi and questions Linturi’s objections to witness testimonies if he is truly innocent.

He also seeks to present documents signed by Agriculture Principal Secretary Paul Rono to bolster his argument for impeachment.

“It could be a witch hunt against the CS therefore, we should be allowed to bring each and every person who will set him free,” he said.

“We are ready to prosecute the case on why Mr Linturi should be impeached. We will rely heavily on documents signed by Agriculture Principal Secretary Paul Rono and we request this committee to summon him to appear before it,” said Wamboka.

The hearings will run until Friday when the committee will retreat to write its report.

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