University Selected for Kenyans to Learn Foreign Language After Ruto’s Deal With Germany

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Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo on Thursday, May 9 revealed that the government had initiated plans to have the first university teach basic German language skills after the Kenya-German Labour Migration Agreement.

Omollo noted that Tom Mboya University in Homa Bay County will be the first to begin the German Language Program which will give Kenyans an upper hand when applying for jobs in Germany.

This comes as a result of Kenya being integrated into the German Labour System.

Omollo emphasised that learning this language was essential for Kenyans to proficiently participate in the new labour market.

Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo at a meeting on September 6, 2023


Ministry of Interior

“Such endeavours not only facilitate the export of human resources but also contribute to the building of a broader diaspora community, which in turn enhances remittances and strengthens Kenya’s economy,” Omollo remarked.

This development follows a bilateral agreement between President William Ruto and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to offer about 250,000 jobs to Kenyans.

“This initiative underscores the importance of equipping Kenyan workers with the necessary language skills to access opportunities abroad,” the PS added.

During the Chancellor’s State visit to Kenya in May 2023, President Ruto informed Kenyans that Germany had jobs for Kenyans adding that teaching and learning in Germany would bridge the language gap.

He noted that the deal will be officially sealed by June 2024.

“There are jobs out there, and young people are all over the place, we need to connect them to the opportunities. Any serious leader will listen to what I said and do something about it,” he emphasised on February 19.

In March, officials from Germany noted that the country was optimistic about the partnership which will see Kenyans fill the existing gaps in the transport and caregiving industries.

Besides advocating for Kenyans to learn German, the European nation is also offering training to drivers in Western Kenya, especially in Homa Bay County. All those who qualify will get an opportunity to work as bus drivers in Germany.

At the moment, about 100 Kenyans have been identified to take the training. Those who also want to join the health care sector are also receiving basic medical training before travelling.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (seated) signing visitors’ book at State House on Friday, May 5, 2023.


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