Up Steppers dance group jacked on the way to a live performance on Mombasa Road

The renowned Up Steppers Dance Group fell victim to a robbery on Saturday night as they were en route to a live performance along Mombasa Road on May 4.

According to police reports, the group of four individuals had just disembarked at the media house’s entrance when two motorcycles approached them.


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“One motorcycle carried three pillion riders, while the other had only one rider, and they attacked the group, resulting in injuries to two members,” the police report stated.

One member suffered injuries to his left eye, while another sustained cuts on his hand and thigh. Additionally, the assailants robbed the victims of their mobile phones and an undisclosed sum of money.

The injured individuals were promptly taken to the hospital as the police initiated a search for the attackers.


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Law enforcement suspects that the armed gangs, operating in groups of three or four, are active between Capital Centre and General Motors (GM), often employing motorcycles for their quick getaways.

The resurgence of motorcycle gangs is a growing concern not only in the city’s slums but also in upscale neighborhoods like Kileleshwa, Karen, and Kilimani.

These gangs, utilizing motorcycles, typically engage in theft of valuables and snatch mobile phones from unsuspecting locals.

Just last month, a businessman named Adan Ali Mohamed fell victim to a similar incident when two individuals on a motorcycle shot and injured him in Eastleigh, Nairobi, stealing a total of Sh3.9 million from him.

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