US Announces Updated Visa Processing Requirements Starting May 18


On Monday, the US Embassy in Nairobi released a fresh set of Visa processing requirements.

The Embassy announced that applicants must adhere to the new guidelines by May 18. It explained that the objective of the move is to enhance customer experience.

According to the new directive, all non-immigrant visa applicants must present the same DS-160 application form during the visa interview as they used to book the appointment.

Non-immigrant visas are intended for foreign nationals seeking temporary entry into the United States. These visas cover tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work, study, or similar purposes.

“Failure to comply with the below will result in the cancellation of their Visa appointment,” the Embassy said.

The directive mandates all visa applicants to locate their DS-160 confirmation page.

Subsequently, they must log in to their account at to verify that the DS-160 number on their account matches the DS-160 number on the confirmation page.

“If the numbers match, please attend your interview at the time you have scheduled,” the Embassy added.

However, if the confirmation numbers do not match, applicants will need to visit and follow the provided instructions to complete a new DS-160.

Subsequently, they must print out the confirmation page for their new DS-160 and bring it to their revised appointment.

As per the Embassy’s instructions, applicants should then log in to their account at once more, and click on the gear icon located at the far right end.

From there, they can select the edit button and replace the old DS-160 number with the new, correct DS-160 number.

Applicants encountering difficulties in entering their new DS-160 number are encouraged to click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the webpage and follow the instructions to receive assistance.

“If you fail to confirm or update your DS-160 number by May 18, the U.S. Embassy will cancel your appointment and instruct you to schedule a new appointment,” the Embassy directed.


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