US Govt Praises Ruto for Implementing Law on NGOs After 11-Year Wait

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The United States Department of State, through its African Bureau, on Monday hailed President William Ruto for enacting the 2013 Public Benefits Organization Act.

In a statement, the bureau noted that the new Act, which took effect beginning Tuesday, May 14, will offer an effective framework for Kenya’s civil societies.

“Welcome announcement by President William Ruto to operationalize the 2013 Public Benefits Organization Act ahead of his State Visit,” the bureau noted.

“The Act provides a more effective framework for Kenya’s vibrant civil society to self-regulate and underscores our shared democratic values.”

President William Ruto.


Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki gazetted the Act, which had been frozen since 2013, on Friday, May 9.

In an accompanying statement, the CS explained that the Act offers a comprehensive consolidated, predictable and transparent framework for the registration and regulation of civil society entities operating within the territory of Kenya.

“The Act expedites their registration process, reduces chances of whimsical administrative discretion in the registration of PBOs (Public Benefits Organisation), closes all windows for arbitrariness, and offers a litany of tax and other benefits for registered PBOs. 

“An inclusive, participatory, and open society is good for Kenya. It fortifies our democratic credentials and buttresses our values for transparent governance.

He further added that the enactment of the law which was developed in 2013 after the then President Uhuru Kenyatta took over the reins was part of the Kenya Kwanza Administration’s pre-election manifesto pledges.

The Ruto regime had pledged to promote inclusive and participatory governance, foster accountability, and welcome alternative or even critical viewpoints.

The new law will champion the creation of the Public Benefits Organisation Authority (PBOA), a regulatory body tasked with overseeing the registration, monitoring, and regulation of PBOs.

The authority’s board will be comprised of stakeholders from government ministries.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki meeting with the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Administration and Internal Security on October 12, 2023.


Kithure Kindiki

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