US Troops in Haiti Ahead of Deployment of Kenyan Police Officers


United States troops are in Haiti building barracks and other facilities ahead of the deployment of Kenyan police officers to the troubled nation.

Caribbean media outlets reported that the troops are among contractors who are in the Caribbean nation to facilitate the stay of about 1,000 troops from Kenya.

On Friday, May 3, an aircraft from the US Southern Command landed in Haiti carrying civilian contractors.

These experts are consulting for the Pentagon and mapping out an area where Kenyan police officers will stay during the entirety of their peacekeeping mission. 

Building the military base is expected to take 45 days.

US President Joe Biden giving a speech.


Mlwaukee Journal Sentinel

An official from the US revealed that the troops from Kenya are expected in Haiti from May 24 at a time when President William Ruto will be in the US.

The official who spoke to the Miami Herald revealed that Ruto and his wife Rachel will be hosted by President Joe Biden and his spouse Jill while marking the 60th anniversary of US-Kenya diplomatic relations.

“The initial deployment will happen sometime around his State visit,” the official stated without revealing the exact dates of the deployment.

The official emphasised that the US did not want to send the Kenyan troops to an area where they would not be adequately housed.

This development comes after the transitional council selected the new Prime Minister,  Fritz Bélizaire, who takes over Ariel Henry who resigned in March.

Bélizaire has sought outside law enforcement officers to combat the gangs and restore peace in the troubled Caribbean nation.

Kenya offered to send 1,000 police officers to lead the Multinational Support Mission in the war-torn country. However, almost a year later, the officers are yet to be deployed.

Besides Kenya, other countries have offered support to Kenya in terms of finances, equipment and troops.

President Ruto has assured the international community that Kenya will go through with the plan despite opposition from politicians in the country.

Haiti Gang Leader Jimmy Cherizier alias Barbecue ( in black cap) alongside other gang members


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