Vihiga Governor Ottichilo Vacates Disciplinary Measures Against Striking Doctors

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Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo on Sunday announced that his administration that shelved plans to institute disciplinary measures  against 400 health workers who had downed their tools after the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) announced a nationwide strike.

In a statement, Ottichilo welcomed the recent agreement struck by the national government and KMPDU officials, paving way for doctors to head back to work, insisting that the orders which were issued in a bid to get the health workers to head back to work as ordered by the court.

As such, he concluded that proceeding to institute the disciplinary measures would be counterproductive since the doctors have already agreed to resume work.

“I believe with this latest development, it would be against common sense to continue the hand on measures that were being pursued and which shall only impede resumption of health service delivery in the county, and implementation of the measures agreed on, not only for doctors but for all our health workers which were on course before the latest interruption, stated Governor Ottichilo in his statement.

Medical doctors participating in a strike on April 9, 2024


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Earlier this year,  the county suspended two officers in charge of health service management.

Similarly, Governor Ottichilo government also recommended the suspension of 27 other doctors. Another four 400 health workers were also served with show cause letters.

“Acting in accordance with the recommendation of the Cabinet that was pursuing resumption of health service delivery in our public health facilities, I announce the recall and vacation of all disciplinary measures which had been commenced against all health workers and urge all affected to resume duty immediately and unconditionally,” stated Governor Ottichilo.

However, the county explained that the institution of the disciplinary measures was the culmination of the cabinet’s findings and recommendations charting a roadmap towards the resumption of normalcy as far as the country’s health system is concerned.

Additionally, the Governor stated that the stringent measures were successful as nurses resumed work after the measures were effected.

Further, the Governor detailed that the county government had implemented doctors’ demands in the counties that had forced them to go on strike in November 2023.

The Governor explained that the doctors previously on contract, had been hired on permanent and pensionable terms, while 6 out of 47 were on study leave sponsored by the county.

Additionally, the County explained that more than 750 health workers had been promoted and assigned in April 2024.


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