Why EPRA Ordered Immediate Shutdown of Flooded Fuel Stations


The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Wednesday instructed owners of flooded petrol stations to cease operations to safeguard public safety and preserve petroleum product quality.

This directive follows the current heavy rains and resulting floods in different regions of the country.

EPRA, in a statement released on Wednesday, cited concerns about the integrity of Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems, which could be at risk due to floodwaters or prolonged heavy rainfall.

The authority emphasized that water in the Underground Storage Tanks compromises petroleum product quality, potentially causing vehicle breakdowns.

The statement advises that any retail petrol station affected by flooding must temporarily suspend operations and undergo monitoring. Owners are instructed to evaluate the flooding’s extent, clear away debris, and verify product quality before reopening.”

Furthermore, owners are urged to anticipate and address any environmental ramifications of the flooding through suitable mitigation measures.

EPRA urged owners of petroleum retail stations to promptly engage with pertinent Government authorities or regulatory agencies for adherence to required protocols or regulations.

The Authority reassured that it stands ready to provide any requisite assistance to guarantee public safety and petroleum product quality.


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