With sixty people dead from the Mai Mahiu disaster, searches for the missing are still ongoing


The death toll from the Mai Mahiu floods reached 60 on Sunday as search teams recovered the bodies of a man and a juvenile. Dozens more individuals remain missing, and search operations are ongoing.

Among the victims are 11 adult males, 16 adult females, 17 male juveniles, 15 female juveniles, and one unidentified human skull. Seven bodies await autopsy as the search continues.


Due to floods, KURA closed a portion of UN Avenue in Runda

Multi-agency teams are actively involved in locating approximately 50 missing individuals after floods inundated their villages. So far, heavy rains and floods across the country have claimed the lives of at least 230 people.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki reported that 164 people have been injured, and 72 others remain missing as a result of the floods. The displaced population stands at approximately 212,630, with 41,526 households affected. Relief efforts have seen the establishment of 138 camps across the country hosting 62,061 people.

The floods have also affected 1,967 schools, prompting a coordinated response from government agencies, including the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), National Youth Service (NYS), and humanitarian organizations.


UK Provides Ksh 140 Million To Aid Kenyan Flood Relief Efforts

General Charles Kahariri, the new Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), visited the Mai Mahiu flood victims to assess the recovery process and coordinate rescue efforts. The KDF, alongside other agencies, is providing essential assistance to affected families and raising awareness in flood-prone areas to mitigate risks.

Governor Susan Kihika of Nakuru commended the KDF’s support in enhancing search and recovery operations. The tragedy, which occurred on April 29, 2024, resulted from flooding in a tunnel along the old Kijabe Road in Kiambu County.

Despite ongoing efforts, the Meteorological Department warns that the rains are expected to persist, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance and preparedness.


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