Zari Hassan Bans His Son From Ever Engaging In LGBTQ, Advices Him To Date Women


Prominent businesswoman Zari recently shared a heartwarming video interaction with her son Quincy on social media.

The video captured a lighthearted conversation between Zari and Quincy, who was celebrating his birthday. Dressed casually, Quincy was getting ready to go out when Zari playfully inquired about his plans.

When Quincy mentioned a dinner with friends, Zari teased him about potentially meeting girls. Despite Quincy’s insistence it was just friends, Zari offered surprising encouragement for him to date girls.

Zari emphasized her open-mindedness, stating,

“We want to see you go out with girls. I don’t mind you going out with girls.” She playfully added, “The next thing I know, I’ll be shocked… someone’s going out with a boy!”

Zari’s lighthearted advice extended to choosing a future partner. She encouraged Quincy to explore relationships with girls, hoping he’d findMarua  someone who embodies her own qualities: beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking.

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This isn’t the first time Zari has addressed her sons’ relationships publicly. In 2021, she defended another son, Raphael, after a social media post sparked speculation about his sexuality. Zari clarified a misunderstanding, assuring everyone that Raphael was dating girls and not gay.

Zari’s stance highlights her unwavering support for her sons. Regardless of their choices, she emphasizes her role as a supportive parent. She even reaffirms her acceptance if Raphael identifies as gay in the future.


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