Zari Hassan Encourages Ugandan Musicians To Focus On International Success

Image: Zari Hassan

Ugandan businesswoman and former singer Zari Hassan has a message for her homeland’s musicians: set your sights on international success.

In a recent viral video, Zari urged Ugandan artists to elevate their music and strive for a wider audience. She suggested looking beyond the popular Kidandali genre, known for its Ugandan sounds and samples.

“It’s important for Ugandan musicians to learn from what artists in South Africa, Nigeria, and Jamaica are doing,” Zari said in the video. “By studying these successful music scenes and different genres, Ugandan musicians can find ways to adapt and innovate their sound.”

Zari emphasizes the importance of diversification. She believes that sticking solely to the Kidandali style limits Ugandan music’s potential to reach a global audience.

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This advice comes from someone who understands the music industry firsthand. Zari herself began her career as a singer before transitioning to business.

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