59-Year-Old Man Dies by Suicide After Stabbing Stepdaughter to Death in Kitengela


Residents from Kitengela, Kajiado County were left in shock after a 59-year-old man killed his stepdaughter by stabbing and later took his life.

The Sunday night May 5 incident is linked to marital issues between the man and his estranged wife.

Reports indicate that the man stabbed the 16-year-old when she went into the house to pick up a phone. He is said to have grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked her catching the attention of neighbours.

“There was a commotion that did not last long, It’s unfortunate we were unable to save the girl,” one of the neighbours told journalists.

Residents gathered at a building after two people were found dead in Kitengela on May 5, 2024


Stanley Ngotho

Neighbours were alarmed by the distress scream coming from the house and alerted the police who rushed to the scene to find two dead bodies and a murder weapon.

Per the suicide note left behind by the man, it was revealed that this was an act to ‘punish’ the mother for leaving him. He was mocking his wife for leaving their marriage.

The letter accused the estranged wife of infidelity and this was a way of getting back at her, leaving her heartbroken from the daughter’s death.

Nilikuambia ya kwamba unacheza na mtu hujui unaniona tu. Sasa hiyo ni faida ulitaka kutoka kwangu.Mimi ni yule ulidharau…Mimi naenda kupumzika. Baki na kidonda cha maisha. Hiyo ndio faida yangu kwa miaka ulinipotezea” read part of the note.

It is loosely translated to “I told you that you are playing with someone you don’t know much about. This is the outcome you wanted from me, I am the one you disrespected but now I am going to rest. You are left with wounds for life, this is the outcome of my life for the years you made me lose.”  

After assessing the scene, police revealed that the girl’s body had stab wounds on the back, abdomen, left breast and several head injuries. She also had several defensive marks on her left arm.

On the other hand, the man had stab wounds on his abdomen.

The two bodies were taken to the mortuary for preservation and post-mortem as police launched investigations.

A police car pictured at a crime scene in Ruiru in Kiambu County.



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