Eric Omondi Hints On Siring More Kids With His Girlfriend Lynn

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, known for his activism and self-proclaimed title of “President of Comedy,” revealed his desire for a larger family in a recent interview with Rick Media.

Omondi, already a father to daughter Kayla, expressed a lifelong dream of having three daughters.

“It feels amazing that God answered my prayers,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind adding two more” to his family.

The comedian also enjoys a supportive relationship with his girlfriend Lynne, whom he reportedly met in 2020 during a filming event.


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Lynne has spoken publicly about Omondi’s dedication to their daughter, despite his busy schedule advocating for social causes.

“He’s always there for me,” she shared.

Eric Omondi has been criticized recently for not having time for his family. He has been on the forefront when it comes to helping needy Kenyans, some of whom have been affected immensely by the floods.

The comedian has been dragged into the colliquy of running for a political seat in 2027 because of his generosity. Further, the philanthropist has created a ‘sisi kwa sisi’ initiative that is aimed at helping needy Kenyans.


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Despite having numerous women in his life, Eric decided to settle with Lynn and they have already sired a daughter together. Their age difference has also been questioned; but he continues to show perennial love to his girlfriend.

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