KDF Eliminates Six Alleged Al Shabaab Militants in Lamu County


Security forces on Wednesday killed at least six suspected members of the Al Shabaab terror group in an ambush in the Kumba area of Lamu County.

Police also reported seizing substantial logistical supplies during the operation. The ambush took place in the expansive Boni Forest, a known hideout for terrorists planning attacks on the Kenyan side.

The Kenya Defence Forces, as part of a multi-agency team operating in the area, conducted the ambush, with some of the terrorists managing to evade capture.

“The public is advised to remain vigilant as the operation may lead to increased activity from the group, particularly as the number of injured terrorists is reported to be high,” an official said.

One of the individuals killed was identified as a light-skinned man, suspected to be a foreigner by authorities.

The raid was launched based on intelligence indicating the group’s plans for an attack in the area.

Community members are urged to report any suspicious behavior or individuals seeking assistance in the region.


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