LAPSSET Roars To Life As Ethiopia Imports 60,000 Metric Tonnes of Fertiliser Through Lamu Port

On Saturday, May 11, top Ethiopian nationals arrived in Kenya to receive 60,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser that had been imported through Lamu Port. 

Kenya heralded the move as a significant move towards commercialising the Lamu Ports South Sudan Ethiopia Corridor Project (LAPSSET). 

According to the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), the fertiliser consignment was the first of many cargo movements that will be witnessed in Lamu Port. 

“Ethiopian vessel MV Abbay II docked at the Port of Lamu with a consignment of 60,000 metric tons of fertiliser,” KPA spoke of the vessel.

Engineers during the construction of Lamu Port which is part of Lapsset.


“The maiden call by the Ethiopian ship marks the inaugural cargo destined for the transit market through the Port of Lamu.”

Top Ethiopian officials who received MV Abbay II were Agriculture Minister Girma Amante, Minister of Transport Dange Boru, and Beniso Amelo who is the CEO of Ethiopia Shipping and Logistics.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy and Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director William Ruto also accompanied the Ethiopian officials. 

The fertiliser will now be unloaded and packaged at the quayside – warehouses located near the Indian Ocean at the port. 

Once packaged, it will be transported by road through the corridor to Moyale town at the border before proceeding to the Ethiopian market. 

This is a win for LAPSSET which focuses on interconnecting the East African countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda.

“The vessel docks at the port barely a month after Kenya Ports Authority acquired three ships to shore Gantry cranes which are expected to boost operations at the second commercial port,” KPA stated of the milestone. 

On its part, LAPhat this SSET explained thad been achieved following engagements with key stakeholders and cargo interveners with a view of addressing all the bottlenecks and non-tariff barriers to ensure successful operations at the Port.

Kenya Ports Authority CEO William Ruto in ameeting with KPA officials.



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