MP’s New Plan to Remove Linturi from Office

Bumula Member of Parliament Wambani Wamboka announced that he would begin fresh plans to have Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi ousted from office.

In a statement dated Monday, May 13, Wamboka expressed that there was evidence pointing to the liability of the CS in the fake fertiliser saga despite him being saved from impeachment by the committee and national assembly.

Wamboka acknowledged that the votes in favour of the CS were not overwhelming, hence the need to draft new plans to have him ousted from office.

“The unanimous decision of 149 members representing over 30 million Kenyans cannot be overturned by the influenced seven members of the select committee. Their decision is a betrayal in the city to the hardworking Kenyans in our villages.

Bumula MP Jack Wamboka who chairs the Public Investments Committee on Governance and Education.


Jack Wamboka

“We will not tire until justice is served to Kenyan farmers and Linturi is dismissed. There are many ways of killing a rat, some will use poison, others will burn the house but some will sit on it,” he stated.

Nonetheless, as per the 2010 constitution, a CS can cease to hold office through three avenues which include resignation, impeachment by the National Assembly or dismissal by the President.

On the other hand, he claimed that the select committee was compromised during the investigations.

Wamboka alleged that some of the MPs who voted to have Linturi impeached were approached to change their vote with a Ksh5 million offer.

However, he did not provide evidence of the attempts of bribery.

“I celebrate the 4 patriotic members Hon Mbui, Hon Omanyo,  Hon Yusuf Farah and Hon TJ Kajwang. You are our heroes. Special appreciation to my legal team led by SC Dr Khaminwa and Asha for our spirited representation on behalf of Kenyans.

“There is no doubt that all evidence and witnesses proofed beyond reasonable doubt that Linturi as the head of the docket was liable for the mess, scam and failures,” he stated.

Linturi is set to continue with his work as a CS following the vote by the majority of MPs during the special sitting on Monday.

The vote of the MPs was informed by the report of the select committee who indicated that Wamboka and his legal team did not substantiate its claims against the CS during the hearings.

MPs protesting in parliament as they seek the impeachment of Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi on May 2


National Assembly

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